Why Azure?


Microsoft Azure Cloud Services delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions for companies to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, and leverage new technologies for the business’ benefit.

Public Cloud

Unprecedented Growth

Since 2018, Microsoft Azure's reported revenue overtook ALL other public cloud providers, falling only second to AWS in terms of hosted infrastructure for enterprise applications

Data Security

With Microsoft Azure, all elements related to information security come included with the service, and customers gain access to the latest in threat prevention and detection technologies

Scalability and Sustainability

In the last year, Azure averaged an uptime of 99.995% across its cloud infrastructure—meaning a total downtime of 26 minutes per year, worldwide. Microsoft plans to improve this number by adding more servers to its regions by 2021



Disaster Recovery

The Azure Site Recovery tool allows companies to create recovery plans that include replication, failover, and failback procedures from a single location

Data Analytics

Business Insights

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services include Machine Learning utilities with adaptable models to prove new approaches and analyze initiatives before releasing them to the market

Integration Capabilities

As most companies already rely on Windows-based software to execute the majority of their daily tasks, using the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services platform makes sense when moving to a digital-first business model

Regulatory and Legislative Compliance

Azure maintains a compliance portfolio to ease the burden of regulatory requirements for its customers. With the Microsoft Trust Center, companies can access compliance guides and setup audit reports for their data and information, ensuring they remain within the frameworks regulating their daily business activities

How cloud computing can benefit your business

The technological revolutions just keep coming, and modern organizations need to adapt to new ways of doing business to remain competitive 


On-Prem or Cloud?

Decision of business objective

One of the primary changes to the operational models a company needs to consider when managing information is to move to a cloud service provider